Leading the industry for special-purpose
Steel Doors & Frames Engineered for Peak Performance

At Next Door Company, the FUTURE of special-purpose hollow metal & stainless steel doors
is built upon a 100-year manufacturing legacy and advanced by 21st Century processes & technology.

Stainless Steel
Doors & Frames

Non-Standard Profiles
& Configurations

Hollow Metal


Why is Next Door Company the RIGHT CHOICE?

Since 1993, the Next Door brand has been synonymous with engineering and manufacturing QUALITY Stainless Steel Doors & Frames. In recent years the Company adopted LEAN production strategy throughout the organization.

In addition to stainless steel doors & frames, Next Door presently manufactures special-performance hollow metal, including non-standard configurations & profiles, all done within exceptional production lead times, and at a fair prices.

THIS is what makes Next Door Company the Right Choice.


Stainless Steel
Doors & Frames

Next Door Company was the first manufacturer to exclusively produce stainless steel doors & frames in North America, setting the bar to which all others strive to achieve.

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Hollow Metal
Doors & Frames

Next Door manufactures galvannealed steel special-purpose doors and frames and non-standard profiles that are often difficult to procure from typical Hollow Metal manufacturers.

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Browse through the diverse list of projects, representing a sampling of the types of many commerical and institutional buildings where Next Door Company products are installed.

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Cut sheets, performance specifications, warranty, reference manuals, order forms, LEED contribution charts, certifications, and more.

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We Are 100% Committed To
Customer Satisfaction

At Next Door we stay the course and focus on what we do best. Four generations of family leadership combined with todays leading edge equipment, technology and processes assure Customers that We Say What We Do and Do What We Say.

We have over 100 years of steel door DNA

We fully embrace LEAN operational strategy

We always have our eyes on the future

Next Door Company Promise

"Our dedication to LEAN methods and principles ensures that we continually improve QUALITY, SHIP DATES, and COSTS which positively impact CUSTOMER SATISFACTION."

Justin Schechter, President
Next Door Company



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